Dr. Md. Rashidul Hasan
Dr Rashidul Hasan

Efficacy of Oral Tranexamic Acid Over Melasma

Background: Now a day’s melasma is a common pigmentary
syndrome among Asians and treatment is challenging. Oral
tranexamic acid (TA) has materialized as a potential treatment
for refractory melasma.

Objective: In this study, our main objective is to evaluate
efficacy of oral tranexamic acid over melasma.

Method: This opened clinical trial study was carried out at
Tertiary medical hospital Dhaka from June 2016 to July 2018
where informed consent was sought from the total 120 patients
to take part in the study. At the baseline visit, history of
melasma regarding the length of time present, relationship to
pregnancy, oral contraceptive, drug history were noted.

Result: During the experiment, maximum patients belong to
21-25 years age group and percentage of female were 82%
higher than males. Also, after 6 months follow up of 250mg
dose of tranexamic acid (TA) treatment result, where patients
rating for excellent, good, fair, and poor outcomes accounted
21% patients, 66%, 13%, and 11 % patient, respectively.
Conclusion: From our result and analysis we can say that
oral TA can be a very much effective treatment for refractory.

Read the full case study.

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