Dr. Md. Rashidul Hasan

Rare Scar Sarcoidosis: A Dermatologic Masquerader


Infiltration of sarcoid granuloma in old cutaneous scars is one of the uncommon cutaneous manifestations of sarcoidosis. Here we report the case of a 32-year-old female who presented with swelling and irritation in a 9-month-old appendicectomy scar. An incisional scar biopsy was done and it revealed non-caseating granuloma. On query, she had inflammatory polyarthritis and persistent dry cough for the last two months. High-resolution CT (HRCT) revealed right paratracheal, both hilar, paraaortic, and subcarinal lymphadenopathy with pulmonary nodular densities in both lung fields. FNAC from the mediastinal node revealed non-caseating granuloma consistent with sarcoidosis. Successful regression of cutaneous inflammation was achieved using a course of oral steroids, hydroxychloroquine, and methotrexate. The incidence of scar sarcoidosis is rare and therefore not well-understood. However, inflammatory alterations in preexisting scars may be important indicators of disease onset. Read the Full article here.

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