Dr. Md. Rashidul Hasan

The Relationship between Serum Insulin Levels in Dermatophytosis Affected Patients

Objective: In this study, our main aim is to estimate the relationship between serum insulin levels in dermatophytosis-affected patients.

Methodology: This cross-sectional study was conducted at tertiary hospital Dhaka district from two
years, February 2015-February 2017 among 100 patients where data was noted in predesigned data collection sheet using various parameters. Interviews conducted using direct questionnaire and all information will be noted in pre from data collection sheet.

Results: In our study among 100 patient’s male patients 26.8% higher than female also in both male and female, most of them belongs to (31-40) year’s group, which was higher than other age group. Also, among all patients most of the patients had dermatophytosis and fungal infections, were more prevalent in patients who had serum insulin level for more than ≥1153 pmol/L than in those with serum insulin level for less than >30 mIU/L (all P\0.05).

Conclusion: From our result, we can say that, inadequate level of serum insulin is highly common in dermatophytosis patients. Further examination regarding this result is needed for better outcome near future.

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